​Ted Rowlands

​Anchoring Reel   TRT 4:08

               Live Shot Reel    TRT 6:55  

 Live + Donut   "ISIS Teen "   TRT  2:35  

Multimedia "Guns and Trauma" TRT 2:09

Live with Elements "ISIS Teen  TRT 2:07

                   "Manson's Wife" TRT 4:16

PKG:  ​Sex Crimes at Spirit Lake     TRT 3:51 

Documentary: "Charles Manson"   30min

Ted Rowlands has spent the last ten and half years as a National Television News Correspondent based in the western and central regions of The United States.

From breaking news to politics, live shots to long form reporting, Rowlands has worked in every news gathering situation imaginable on many of the most important stories during the last decade.